Thursday about his decision to open an office in Malta has announced the fourth volume of trading cryptocurrency exchange OKEx Technology. Its headquarters is located in Hong Kong, has an office in Belize. Malta, I hope to OKEx, will be the “Foundation for the future growth of the company.”

“We are waiting for the moment when we can begin to work with the government of Malta, because it is progressive, and shares with us common values, the most important of which are the protection of traders and the public, compliance with the requirements of the law on combating money laundering and client identification standards, the recognition of innovation and the importance of continued development of our ecosystem blockchain”— quoted by “Kommersant” the General Director OKEx Chris Lee.

It’s not the only victory of the Maltese authorities. At the end of March its intention to open an office in Malta has announced the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

The trend coincides with the stated intention of the authorities to become the new center of gravity for projects related to cryptocurrency and bloccano. In March, a parliamentary Finance Secretary, digital economy and innovation Silvio Schembri confirmed that Malta is striving to become the “island of the blockchain”.

“The success of Malta is associated primarily with the work of creating as clear and open legislation in the field of application of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition, to work with the latest technology has established the Office of digital innovation Malta (Malta Digital Innovation Authority, MDIA). “Malta recently announced the consideration to the adoption of a new law that will allow… (MDIA.— “B”) to allow its territory to “checked” based on the list of requirements blockchain projects and related cash transactions. This law allows you to create… the first truly adjustable… the market for ICO and thus protect investors from Scam, and other pitfalls of kriptonyte”,— said the expert of intercompany DeHedge Roman Bars.

The same is said today, and Tim Byung, head of risk assessment and relations with governments OKEx, commenting on the company’s decision to open an office in Malta: “the Law of virtual financial assets, Malta is a reliable basis for industry, and collaboration with the government aimed at stimulating the industry of digital asset and the blockchain”.

Besides, according to the head of the legal Department DeHedge Maria Andrianova, Malta has several advantages over many of its competitor countries. So, “currently, the license for operations with cryptocurrency and token in Malta is not required, if not to withdraw their traditional currency and only work with tokens and cryptocurrencies. In addition, to create a business in Malta do not even physically need to be on the island. The cost of incorporation and maintenance business are relatively low, and the tax administration is easy and intuitive,” says Ms. Andrianova.