The U.S. Treasury Department officially adds cryptocurrency addresses in a special black list (SDN, Specially Designated Nationals List) is a list of individuals with whom US citizens are prohibited from doing business.

The office for foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury Department (OFAC) reported that the so-called “sanctions” list of added residents of Iran Ali Horadada (Ali Khorashadizadeh) and Mohammad Ghorbanian (Mohammad Ghorbaniyan), who are accused of intentionally using malicious software SamSam. Over the past few years, their victims were more than 200 corporations, including hospitals, universities and government agencies.

According to the U.S. Treasury, the attackers demanded a ransom in bitcoins in exchange for unlocking sites. OFAC States that Harasavad and Ghorbanian traded over 7,000 BTC, received as ransom, the Iranian Rial for transactions in the millions of dollars. The attackers used more than 40 cryptocurrency platforms for transaction processing.

In March, OFAC announced that can add the cryptocurrency addresses in your list after you update the FAQ to comply with the sanctions. At that time the office emphasized the fact that cryptocurrencies are comparable with the fixed currencies against the SDN list.

Now in the SDN list of identification data such as physical addresses, mailboxes, e-mail addresses and aliases, and included the cryptocurrency addresses. Therefore, the Department warns U.S. citizens that they are forbidden to send any funds to these two addresses.

In a statement, the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence Mandelker Sigal (Sigal Mandelker) reported that the division “is focused on the electronic exchange offices, which allowed the Iranian cybercriminals to profit from extortion”.

“We publish addresses of cryptocurrency wallets for identifying illegal activities in the cryptocurrency space. The Treasury will pursue anyone who attempts to use digital currency and weaknesses in the digital space to achieve their own nefarious purposes. Any person or exchange that direct funds to these two addresses may be subject to secondary sanctions including a complete shutdown of the financial system of the USA”, – said Mandelker.