After the break the main line of the downward price channel , price could not develop upward movement. The reverse pattern of the chart head and shoulders was not implemented. We saw a price reversal from the resistance area at the level of 12000.00. Also, the market has formed a double top chart, which refers to the group of reversal patterns. When the price breaks the previous swing low was confirmed by a double top. If you follow this pattern, we should expect a market decline in the area between 7000.00 level and ascending lines. This area will be able to stop and reverse the market again.

We must also consider one more thing. Bullish divergence on the lower timeframe reversal candlestick pattern on the daily chart, this should give us more positive. The RSI has reached the oversold zone and this can give us a good signal of a reversal. If the closing price of that day is not far from current levels, we get a new bullish candle. We can draw a new uptrend line with the new swing low. Further downward movement of the price will have to break through this support line. If the price continues the upside movement, should closely monitor the price action at the resistance level 10000.00 and 12000.00. To confirm the strength of Bulls,the price will move above these resistance levels. In another case, the conditions of the unstable market will continue for some time.