The Litecoin team is actively working on the implementation of privacy and interoperability. The company entered into a cooperation with the Beam, which they will now jointly work on the implementation Mimblewimble.

One of the goals of Beam is to improve privacy in the cryptocurrency space and distribution of the Protocol Mimblewimble, so the staff will be happy to share with Litecoin Foundation of experience. Last month, the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee has already talked about prospects of the currency improvements in the areas of confidentiality and interchangeability. By the way, about the negotiations with the Beam on the subject Mimblewimble Lee said a couple of days ago.

Communicated with teams vcorem and beamprivacy about the feasibility of MimbleWimble in Lidoine by using expansion units. Pleasantly surprised that the Beam switching have already implemented the obligations in ElGamal. Something like a toggle switch for protection against quantum computing, which could harm the security.

Following the announcement, both teams have already started the research. After that, all the work done and results will be available on the basis of open source. So that will benefit the whole community.

We began to explore how to add privacy and interoperability in Litecoin due to the possibility of converting conventional LTC option LTC with Mimblewimble and Vice versa. After it will be possible to conduct transactions in Mimblewimble LTC in full anonymity.

As for the price, it is currently the market capitalization of the seventh largest cryptocurrency reaches $ 2 billion, the rate of coins just above 33 dollars. Daily trading volume for the last day exceeds 668 million dollars.