Social network LinkedIn has hit the list of companies that have introduced a ban on advertising of crypto-currencies. This publication reports The Independent, citing the press-service.

According to unofficial data, LinkedIn has started to block advertisements related to ICO and digital currencies. But Microsoft, which owns the social network, does not prohibit to publish such ads on other sites.

Since the beginning of 2018 a few search engines and social networks, said banning advertising ICO, digital currencies and binary options. Companies are afraid for their name because of the crypto system exposes the potential dangers of the Internet users platforms.

In January, Facebook banned advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO. It was followed by Google: the Corporation will start to block ads since June. In early March they were joined Snapchat and Twitter.

In response to the mass ban on advertising by Internet companies, Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain intends to file a lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Yandex, and Twitter.