Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced that last month the company paid 250 salaries in bitcoins.

This information was left under the message a renowned expert on issues of Finance Peter Schiff (Peter Schiff), who stated that people will not agree to get paid in cryptocurrency.

“By the way, the worker who took the entire outstanding amount in bitcoin in 2012 and in 2013 I quit my job,” — said representatives of the exchange.

According to preliminary data, the company employs 800 people. This means that slightly less than a third of them get paid in cryptocurrency. It is worth to say that the labor laws of America requires at least a partial payment of Fiat money or cheques, so you need to wait for an additional review of company representatives before talking about the details of the mechanism of compensation of labour on the specific case.

We will remind, this week, Kraken announced a “unique and limited opportunity” to purchase preferred shares of the company.

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