National Bank of Kazakhstan intends to ban cryptocurrency trading and mining in the country.

Daniyar Akishev, head of the Central Bank, said the Bank is “very conservative about this issue” and welcomed “the only hard limit”.

Also Akishev announced intentions to ban the activities of all cryptocurrency exchanges on the territory of Kazakhstan in the order of assumptions is not converting the national currency – the tenge – in any form of cryptocurrency.

The head of the National Bank noted that the ban can be mining cryptocurrencies on the territory of Kazakhstan:

“We minimize the risks associated with the national market. Certainly none of the Central Bank does not have full functionality to administer this market, so at least we need to stop this risk using national currency”.

According to Akishev, the Bank and other government organizations consider cryptocurrency “the perfect tool for money laundering and handling of taxes.”

However, despite the words of the head of the Bank until it was announced on the introduction of any official ban on the territory of Kazakhstan.