The first week of April ended with a new record on purchases of bitcoins (BTC). The main cause of increased demand for the largest cryptocurrency has become the largest rise in prices of cryptocurrencies.

Note that the rate of BTC at the beginning of April exceeded $5000, but for a short time, even broke the mark of $5300. The coin is now trading at $5214 and while successfully withstand the pressure.

Some analysts agree that if bitcoin can stay on current values, in the near future we will have to wait his breakthrough to $5500 or even $6000.

According to the service Coin Dance, residents of the South American countries last week set a new record for the amount of bought bitcoins on Localbitcoins platforms, Paxful, and Bisq.

The leader was again in Venezuela, the citizens of this country continue to increase investment in BTC on the background of the catastrophic situation of the economy. From 1 to 6 April across the platform Localbitcoins Venezuelans sent for the purchase of bitcoins more than 26.4 billion of sovereign bolivars.

One local expert said:

Many Venezuelans are using bitcoin to get rid of bolivars that are constantly devalued due to hyperinflation, to somehow keep their capital

Second place went to Argentina, where citizens bought bitcoins on Localbitcoins 10.5 million pesos, or approximately $243 000.

The greatest volume of transactions with the main cryptocurrencies were recorded also in Colombia and Chile.

It is worth noting that among the leaders of unexpectedly Kazakhstan. The citizens of this Central Asian Republic for only one week spent on the purchase of BTC at $102 000 (38,8 million tenge).

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