24-year-old man bought bitcoins for cash, and later was found dead. Oslo police believes that these two events may be linked.

The murder occurred on the morning of 15 October in the victim’s apartment in Mayorstone – a wealthy area of Oslo. It is known that the body of the deceased was found by a neighbor. It is known that shortly before his death a man bought bitcoins. Friends of the deceased knew that he trades with cryptocurrencies.

According to news Agency TV 2, the investigators aware of the possible connection of the crime with cryptocurrency transactions, but so far refused to comment. The head of the investigation Department of the police of Oslo Grete lien Method said that while police have no suspects.

Assault and violent crime are increasingly associated with cryptocurrency. In mid-June, a biker gang was arrested for kidnapping and the theft of $ 2 million in bitcoin. The leader of the gang is a 35-year-old Luis Meza was submitted before the court that he stole his friend with the complicity of three members of the biker gang and took control of its cryptocurrency savings.