In January, we chose the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in masternode for 2019. The list includes Dash, Zcoin, Horizen and other projects. One of them also became NRG Energi, which the developers themselves against Bitcoin. Today consider the work of coins, which promised annual yield of 122 percent.

In March 2019, the project started the transition from a PoW algorithm to the algorithm of the PoS. It was successful, with distribution of awards remains the same.

  • 40 percent of awards to masternode;
  • 10 percent rewards miners;
  • 40% — on development of the project;
  • 10 percent, developers and team members.

So what is more profitable by investing in this project? To answer the question will help the personal study and participation in the project for one and a half months.

According to the calculator, which is available in the blockchain Explorer, the investment is 1,000 coins POS will bring the party for about 70 coins. It is easy to calculate that a year is 840 coins, that is, the ROI is at 84 percent. When investing in masternode similar share of the annual yield would be 88 percent.


But data on masternode.


Whether so it in practice?

I put 850 coins in PoS. In the period from 17 April to 29 may was received a stable calculation with different time interval.


The payments amounted to 111,72 coins, the annual yield amounts to 13.14%. When investing in masternode ROI amounted to 11.2% — with the average ROI over the same period, at 89.6 percent. Data source during this period.

The difference is that when using the POS approach was applied to reinvestment. That is, coins, which came in the form of awards, frozen together with the whole amount.

So what is more profitable, PoS or Masternode?

Do not jump to conclusions. When working in the same conditions of PoS and masternode bring the same. However, the latter has a number of advantages.

  1. Continuity. When using 2Masternodes not every day you need to follow masternode.
  2. The monitoring engine updates the wallet. As shown, every week or two updates are released, you should keep an eye.
  3. The cost of electricity. For masternode through 2Masternodes don’t need to keep the computer is turned on. The money is spent only on Commission
  4. Security. Users of the service can not to worry.

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