According to the report, only 40% of the world population uses the Internet. In the current era of globalization, that number is surely small. Many parts of the world are still unavailable for usage. This is mainly due to the fact that the current communication services are complex and costly for developing countries. However, International Sky Group (ISG) is a non-traditional platform that uses effective satellite communications to provide cost-effective and optimized services throughout the world.

Small communications system (SCS)

Platform ISG is developing a small system that weighs less than 500 kg and allows for a shorter time to create an adequate space group. This unified information environment able to work as an inseparable and individually with existing global telecommunications networks. In addition, the system focuses on low-orbit satellite communication systems, which allow the platform to provide high-speed transmission of information to its users.

Technological benefits of ISG

Below are some of the main advantages of this platform :

* Possibility of 100% coverage of the information surface of the Earth.
* Long satellite, weighing up to 400 kg , which can be reprogrammed during operation.
* The onboard radio (LFS) will operate in frequency bands S, Ku, Ka, to contact with the ground and sub-satellite transmitters.
* ORC will connect the user to SV in less than 76 microseconds to transfer the Doppler frequency 4000 Hz / s.
* High speed multimedia communication, providing data transfer of up to 12 Mbps per subscriber.
* Asynchronous communication for initial and periodic adjustments.
* Reliable and cost-effective voice and multimedia communications for a carrier moving at a speed of up to 12,000 km / h.
• Communication service without roaming.

Edition Tokens

Token ISG is issued on the Ethereum platform using ERC-20, which is supported by main cryptocurrency wallets. The nominal value of each token ISG is determined in U.S. dollars at the parity rate of 1 token ISG per 1 US dollar.

At the stage of pre-sales (friends and strategic investors) sale of tokens will be reserved for the people and companies selected by the ISG team. Pre-sale will last for 3 months and is only open to accredited investors. TGE krausel the last 3 months and will be open for all customers at the minimum amount equivalent of USD 100.

Hard cap TGE will amount to 150 million US dollars, and the soft-cap -30 million dollars. Moreover, if the phase TGE was not sold the minimum number of tokens soft-cap, the acquired Fund will be refunded to customers.

During the pre-sales of TGE and the first four weeks of sales TGE customers will be offered a lot of discounts :-
* First month of sales TGE-50%
* First month pre-TGE-35%
* Third month of sales TGE-20%
* First and second week sales TGE-10%
* The third and fourth week sales TGE-5%

ISG-reliable and affordable communication platform

International Sky Group is developing an effective system for the SKS that will allow users to have uninterrupted communication worldwide. Providing reliable and affordable voice services and connection via the Internet, it will allow the masses to use the best opportunities that can offer a global information society.

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