Over the last few months, it may seem that the once dizzying records cryptocurrency industry faded into insignificance, giving the weekly investigations by regulatory bodies. In fact, the situation is not so depressing.

So, according to the listing site ICObazaar, in 2018 the market ICO was very much alive. After superprofitable March 2018, April and may, of course, not strongly marked, but the March record was broken by not only the current, but last year, collecting a total of $2 944 500 000. Incidentally, most of the ICO campaigns is now at the stage of “preparation”, result, expected active variety ICO campaigns in the fall of 2018.

Such activity can be determined is that the consequence of previously high-profile projects: the Venezuelan cryptocurrency El Petro (collected about $5 billion) and Telegram (collected about $1.8 billion).

Geographically, the most active state, which is most often carried out ICO of the campaign was the United States, which has raised nearly $811 million.

In second place is the United Kingdom ($131 million) and Russia ($980 million). Noteworthy is the fact that the top 20 ICO countries are also included: Ukraine ($745 thousand), Israel ($167 million) and Slovenia ($896 thousand).

In terms of superiority in the category, the most frequent were the ICO of the campaign, with a focus on the financial component (the number was 13%), followed by payment startups (6.6%) and Commerce (6.3 percent).

However, if you compare the same graph the results of the fundraising, the picture is radically different. Here in the first place is already a blockchain platform (38%), network/communications (16.6%) and the same leading financial startups, but in third place (9.5 percent).

And at the end talk about the top 10 public ICO, collected from $45 to $18 million in may 2018.

The top 10 is composed of the following ICO campaign (at the time of writing all of the following ICO have stopped fundraising).