The investigative Department of the Indian state of Gujarat, accused the police of corruption, extortion and kidnapping. They are suspected, including the theft of 200 bitcoins, or $ 1.3 million.

According to the newspaper Times of India, was indicted nine constables and one police inspector. They are accused of kidnapping of three local people — two businessmen and one driver. Investigators say that police officers had kidnapped them, took the remote from the village farm and beat them, extorting, at the same time 200 bitcoins.

To date, three of the suspects detained constables, six more are wanted. For the investigation of this case was set up a special team for the investigation, the newspaper notes

We will remind, on April 6 the Reserve Bank of India banned regulated organizations to provide services to any private person or company, whose activities are related to cryptocurrencies. Now capturadora do not have the ability to Deposit and withdraw funds in Fiat currency. The new sanctions are aimed at undermining the infrastructure that supports traders and other participants in this space.

The Ministry of Finance of India does not recognize the cryptocurrency legal tender in the country. But while the possession and trade of digital currencies are not a violation of the law, as regulation of this sector in the state is absent. Earlier, the Finance Ministry of India has indicated that it will be developed by 31 March, but the promise was not kept.