The developers, who managed cryptocurrency XRP [XRP] began emergency work to eliminate errors in the network. It allows you to “fill up” file storage of the blockchain unlimited number of files. News XRP [XRP]: the network discovered a serious bug Anonymous programmer, has recently released an app that allows you to download the blockchain XRP files of any size in any quantity. This development exploits a vulnerability in the field of memory with which to work all of the transactions. File storage, on assurances of the project team, should have become invulnerable and useful for the network. But because mistakes can cause network slowdowns and rising transaction fees. Developer XRP Vítsa Vind (Wind Witse) commented on the vulnerability found: I Want to thank the community for vigilance, a lot of improvements in terms of safety do not happen. We are concerned about this situation and are already taking action. Feature of blockchain technology is that decentralized networks cannot store an infinite number of files.

For the health of the projects required the installation of many nodes with full versions of network. Once the network grows, as in the case of XRP, it starts to occupy too much disk space and becomes expensive to maintain. Individual spammer it will be difficult to do a lot of damage, but the program was made public for anyone to use. The attack on the XRP was conducted by an organized group According to the developers, those who decided to “derail” the work of the network have created a special group in the shell. In it they discussed the time at which you want to start the file download. But to coordinate the actions they failed, causing great damage to XRP was insignificant.

Vítsa Vind expressed concerns that the blockchain can boot image with illegal content. Because of this, the entire network can be compromised. But, for example, on the bitcoin blockchain for many years there is a problem with a similar content, but the consequences for him have not yet seen. To fix the vulnerability the Windows have already uploaded the changes to the code XRP to Github. They will deduct Commission from the transaction, which is now used by hackers. It will make a large-scale attack is too expensive. Now the project team will vote for these changes. Some of them supported the introduction of commissions, while others believe that you need to close the vulnerability of the more complex methods. The final decision will be made soon. In the community are unhappy that your network contains similar errors. Users think that this can interfere with technology XRP in the financial sector

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