International payment systems Visa and MasterCard intend to embed in your Bank cards, a special scanner designed to fingerprint. Companies are testing new technology. When it will be launched into mass production remains unknown. According to The Wall Street Journal.

How it will work: when paying by credit card the owner will not enter a pin, and will be able to put finger on the scanner for fingerprint comparisons. Data about the fingerprint will be stored on the chip under the card number. If the information on the chip will match the imprint of the one who makes a purchase, the payment will be made.

Technology will help to increase the security of card payments, and reduce risks for owners. When theft of the card identifier will reduce the number of purchases, because the fraudster will not be able to use the card. In addition, the technology will allow owners to avoid rejected payments.

However, experts believe that demand for these cards will not use. Too expensive they will cost.+

Earlier it was reported that more than half of Visa and Mastercard users to buy cryptocurrency.