The management of the company TransferGo reports that the people of India are now available of the payment transaction in real time, based on Ripple-technology. This approach gives the opportunity to interact with all banks of the country and to carry out instant transactions within and outside the borders of India. High-tech solutions allow you to achieve quality service and high security.

Organization TransferGo, being a British company, has provided the people of India the opportunity of working with payment transactions in real time. Operations is based on the Ripple-technology.

“Through the use of revolutionary technology of the blockchain within the Ripple platform has become possible to install a communication in real time between TransgerGo and partner banks in India. This opens new perspectives: customers TransferGo will now be able to carry out instant transactions both within the country and in the international format”

– said Daumantas Drinkas, SEO-specialist and one of the founders of the company.

Representatives TransferGo highlighted the ability of the Ripple services to completely replace working today communications, including SWIFT, for which payment processing takes up to 3 days.