Project Ripple was criticized during the parliamentary hearings.

In the UK decided that Ripple is useless for the financial system. So, during the parliamentary hearings on 1 may in the UK, to discuss crypto-currencies and blockchain technology, the Ripple project was subjected to serious criticism. This writes the

When it became known that to a greater extent the criticism came from the Director at the banking and Finance Evidence-Based Management of Martin Walker and editor, FT Alphaville Isabella Kaminsky. And, as it turned out, their words were backed up by written evidence in which it was noted that Ripple, Monero ICO Tezos and cause reason for concern.

In particular, it was said that Ripple, ICO Tezos and Monero – those classes of investments, that have little or no ability to generate positive income. Besides we are talking about deliberate concealment of the true nature of risk and structuring in an attempt to avoid popadanie under existing laws.

While Martin Walker noted that the blockchain is just a momentary infatuation, and for his twenty-year career he has seen many such Hobbies that sooner or later “finished”, and often failure. “If 10 percent of those Hobbies that I’ve seen over the years, became a reality, now all banks miraculously worked for 1 pound a week,” added Walker.