The government believes that the profit from transactions with digital currencies should be taxed.

Recall that in the state Duma a bill was introduced last month by the head of the Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov and a group of deputies.

The draft law “On digital of financial assets” was supported by the Russian government. The Cabinet added that it is necessary to introduce a mandatory exchange controls over the exchange of crypto currency for foreign currency or rubles at the time of the transaction of more than $ 600 000.

According to the opinion of the government Commission, a project that was prepared by the Bank of Russia, Ministry of communications, Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of justice, it is necessary to Refine and make appropriate changes on taxes and fees for the second reading. However, the opinion does not specify whether to require those wishing to produce virtual currencies to register the IPS and what type of tax should be levied on the profit from mining.

The Ministry also asked for clarification on the accounting rules of transactions with financial digital assets, how will the taxation of mining, and more. In turn, the Ministry of Finance promised to consider the question of amendments to the Tax code.

Yuri Pripachkin, President RAKIB, noted that the current version of the project involves only deals with cryptocurrency. Thus, they may control the banks and Rosfinmonitoring.

According to Pripachkin, this approach can lead to the fact that the Russian miners will start to look abroad for ways of exchanging virtual currency for foreign currency.