Thinking about it in the administration of the Tyumen region, believing that the initiative will help to attract investors to the region.

Digital currency will be provided to the minerals — peat. Head of the Department of subsoil management of the Tyumen region Anton Klimovich recalled the success of the team Sand Coin — cryptocurrency-backed sand. The cost of one token is equivalent to one cubic meter of sand. The project was able to encourage foreign investors and has received more than $ 1 million.

“Nothing, actually, they collected over a million dollars. And if we can’t be pioneers in the cryptocurrency on the sand, then peat and sapropel the opportunity is still there,” said Klimovich.

Earlier, Venezuela has released their own digital currency — El Petro provided by oil. As stated by the President of the country Nicolas Maduro, already 127 countries interested in buying Venezuelan currency.

Technology is increasingly penetrating in the production and sale of natural resources and their derivatives, for example, the export of fuel. A similar trend is observed worldwide. So, China petrochemical Corporation Sinochem Group uses the blockchain to export oil products. From Quanzhou already shipped a test batch of gasoline in Singapore. This is the first case when the system is on the basis of the blockchain shows the entire chain of suppliers.