Choosing bitcoins, businessman pressing touch screen button.

The developers believe that with this model they will be able to reduce the number of threats related to investing in digital currency. Such risks arise today in connection with the lack of regulation in this field.

As head of special projects at Group-IB Ruslan Yusufov, the initiative is aimed at qualified and institutional investors.

“In complex solution – a requirement to work with the licensed exchanges are audited to ensure that the use of safe custody storage assets, the use of multipoles to confirm the transaction, the technology of “white list” (assets of the Fund may only move under a limited list of addresses that are controlled by the Fund). Binding regulations for the separate management of assets,” said Yusufov.

According to managing partner AddCapital Alexei Prokofiev, the Foundation will help the serious investors in the stock market using tools.

“Investproekty on the basis of this decision have already started to work in foreign jurisdictions, and with the adoption of CFA in Russia, with some restrictions, will allow you to structure such products to Russia,” – said Prokofiev.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency hedge funds lost money during the first four months of this year after they did earn 2700% in the past year.

Experts of the analytical company HFR came to the conclusion that with the beginning of 2018, like hedge funds lost 35%.

Blockchain index HFR suggests that the indicators cryptocurrency hedge funds increased 45% in April and fell by 17% in may.

This happened due to the fact that the cost of the major cryptocurrencies today is about one third relative to the level of December last year. Curiously, as of April this year 9 funds stopped the work And of the top 25 funds, only 8% were able to show profitability.

“I expect that in the foreseeable future cryptocurrency markets will remain volatile. While many retail investors see volatility as a negative factor, cryptocurrency funds see opportunities,” — said the expert on FINTECH and cryptocurrency PwC Henri Arslanian, stressing that until the situation will not change.