In the North-West of Moscow unknown robbed the founder of “the Network” and developer of cryptocurrency PRIZM Yuri Mayorov.

The victim applied to the police on the morning of 23 February, said that on the eve at 22:00 on the street Isakovsky four men beat him, then put him in the Mercedes and drove around the city demanding money. Then on the street Borisov Ponds dropped him off, taking away “the bag that contained personal belongings, documents, a laptop, two cell phone connection and 20 thousand U.S. dollars.”

Mayorov caused the damage was estimated at 1.4 million rubles. The police opened a criminal case on robbery, being wanted criminals.

According to some sources, the laptop has access to the wallet with the 300 bitcoins (about 160 million). Thus, the majors suddenly lost almost all savings.

We will remind, on the night of 22 January on the outskirts of the Russian capital beat and robbed a first-year student of the Moscow College, which was carried in the trunk of a car about 7 million rubles intended for the purchase of bitcoins.