Employees of the state service for combating economic crimes of Kyrgyzstan has discovered a large mining farm, consuming electricity, comparable with the volume of energy supply to several regions of Bishkek.

In a press-service of the Ministry stressed that the mining farm has become the largest in the country, her activities caused a multimillion damage to the economy of Kyrgyzstan.

The farm was registered under the form of a computer lab in the Pervomaisky district of Bishkek. Allegedly, the staff of the laboratory worked on the development of programs and services. But in fact the enterprise was engaged in mining cryptocurrencies and caused great damage to the state.

The composition of the heads of the lab is composed of two citizens of China and Kyrgyzstan. Mining-farm consumed electricity supplied by local companies “Electric stations” and JSC “NESK”.

The statement of the state service for combating economic crimes observed:

From the company there is a significant excess of the norms of electricity consumption of about 6-7 MW. The monthly fee is 13-14 million kgs, which can be compared with electricity consumption in several districts of Bishkek

Currently, law enforcement officers establish a circle of involved in activities of mining-farm. It is possible that the work of the enterprise covered some of the state structures.

Note that in Kyrgyzstan there is a growing interest not only to the cryptocurrencies, but also to the blockchain technology. Earlier it was reported that the schools of the Republic will be Internet access on the basis of a single blockchain network.

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