Icelandic company Advania said about theft in the municipalities of reykjanesbaer and Burgerburo, which was stolen about 600 cards, 100 of power sources, 100 motherboards and other hardware.

During the incident in the municipality of reykjanesbaer cameras managed to commit the theft. And on February 21 the local police said they detained two suspects. It is also reported that police monitor the electricity consumption for the anomalous increase after the theft, suggesting that stolen equipment can begin to use as directed.

As you know, Iceland is one of the centers of mining industry due to good climatic conditions and access to cheap renewable electricity. All the stolen equipment was not used for data storage, so that the company suffered financial losses that are estimated at 200 million crowns or 1,990,000 US dollars, reports cointelegraph. The total amount stolen equipment is estimated at 200 million or CZK 1 990 000$.