On computers Coincheck has been discovered malware Mokes and Netwire, previously seen in attacks of Russian hackers.

Personal computers employees of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coincheck, which became the victim of a hack last winter, could be infected with malware-driven cybercrime group of Russian origin. This was reported by the Japanese newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”.

Recall, we are talking about hacking at the end of January 2018, when the cryptocurrency exchange has lost a total of 58 billion yen ($533 million) in capovalle NEM (XEM). Previously it was assumed that the theft involved hackers associated with North Korea.

According to the newspaper, on computers Coincheck was discovered two malware — Mokes and Netwire. First appeared on a Russian hacker forum in June 2011, and the second became known 12 years ago. Both programs allow you to remote control the compromised computer. Mokes and Netwire had previously been seen in attacks, linked with Russian cybercriminals. In the case of Coincheck infection presumably occurred through malicious emails.

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