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It is reported that Alvaro de Medeiros Mendonca became one of the first children in the country, the birth certificate which was registered with the blockchain, without having to go through the relevant procedures in the Bureau of records of acts of civil status.
Parents were invited by the hospital to participate in the project, developed by technology company Growth Tech in partnership with IBM. The father of the child noted that the blockchain has significantly accelerated the registration process of a newborn, taking less than five minutes.

The registration was made through the platform Notary Ledgers Growth Tech company that provides virtual notary services. The company’s founder Hugo Pierre said that the startup was looking for a new solution to improve the efficiency of recording of birth certificates.

Carlos Resita, head of development of blockchain in IBM in Latin America, said the method of registration of certificates of birth consists of three stages. First, the hospital creates a “Statement of birth”. Then, parents create a digital identity on the platform, then the information is sent to the notary office and issued a certificate.

Rishita said that the new platform will eliminate bureaucratic obstacles in the registration process of birth and will be more effective and transparent alternative to current processes.