In Belarus launched a cryptocurrency exchange in which the Fund invests Larnabel Ventures family of the businessman Mikhail Gutseriev and the company VP Capital Victor of Protopine their investment totaled about $10 million.

“The project allows you to trade and invest in traditional financial instruments using crypto-currencies”, – stated in the project description.

According to the organizers of the site, on the stock exchange will be traded licenzirovanie assets in commodities, stocks, indices, bound to the underlying market value of traditional financial assets – users will be able to buy these tokens using cryptocurrencies (bitcoin or ether) and Fiat (US dollars, Euro, Belarusian or Russian rubles).

“First token types there will be around 150, then their number will exceed 10 thousand”, – say the developers.

Make money on it is possible by Bank transfer or payment by Bank cards Visa and Mastercard, maintain transaction are Belarusian Bank Belveb and Paritetbank.

Before listing users will need to be tested. It is noteworthy that users can not become residents of the United States and countries included in the black list of FATF.

“Startup project is more about licenzirovanie securities than about cryptocurrency, told Prokopenya. – At the stock exchange prospects are excellent due to the lack of competition in this market and high demand.”

According to Gutseriev, solve the problem of shortage in the stock market traditional financial instruments that does not allow cryptocurrency investors to cooperate with traditional financial market assets and exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat.

According to the head of the blockchain integrator Sputnik DLT Artem Tolkachev, due to the lack of exchanges on the Belarusian market area will definitely be in demand.

“Now for many owners of cryptocurrency is quite relevant is the question of its legal conversion into Fiat. On the other hand, the legal acquisition of cryptocurrency interest of institutional investors,” he says.

According to Gutseriev, take all the necessary measures for risk management and “uses the best software tool for monitoring suspicious transactions.” In Belarus developed standards for combating money laundering in this area are compatible with the practice of the FATF.

According to the head of the laboratory of Legal Lab in the center of the blockchain competencies VEB Elina Sidorenko, there are risks associated with the issue of the prevention of money laundering.

“First, the risks are that the exchange rules do not fully fit into international approaches. It is likely that operations performed on this exchange will be considered foreign banks as doubtful,” she said.