CEO Ripple Garlinghouse brad (Brad Garlinghouse) expects that by the end of 2019 token XRP will use “dozens of banks”. He stated this in an interview with CNBC at the conference, Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam.

According to Garlinghouse, large banks will continue to expand the use of XRP as a means of liquidity, given the speed of transactions and low costs. The head of the Ripple skeptical about the future of many ICO, stressing that he does not understand what the problem is solved tokens it issues.

Earlier he said that the dominance of bitcoin on the stock market will end soon. Now, answering the question, whether will press XRP two leading capitalization of cryptocurrencies — BTC and Ethereum, Ripple head said that he doesn’t consider competition.

“I think we see the overall growth of the cryptocurrency space, and will be a lot of winners,” he said, adding that he is a holder of BTC and BCH.

As noted by brad Garlinghouse, XRP and bitcoin. Despite the long time of transactions and volatility, bitcoin will have its role in the future, although will not become the panacea that was presented earlier, said the CEO of Ripple.

Recall that in January the company stated that 3 of the 5 largest providers of international payments will start using XRP in the current year. The fact that the most widely used today is the product of Ripple for making cross-border transfers is xCurrent, do not require the use of a token.

Ripple is actively promoting a new decision — xRapid, where the funds liquidity XRP is used. It was recently reported that the British company Currencies Direct the first of the financial institutions of Europe made cross-border money transfer platform xRapid using token XRP.