The figure may be higher because the records were taken only means “completed” ICO.

The study, which was conducted by rating Agency ICORating, it became known that the amount of funds that were attracted around the world through ICO for the first quarter of the current year amounted to $ 3.3 billion. At the same time, the publication recalls that at the end of last year with ICO were involved in 6.1 billion dollars.

ICORating analysts say that the figures take into account only funds that were collected during the ICO. Besides, it was noted that the research did not include data failed rounds of financing, indicators of prasalov and rounds of fundraising Telegram messenger.

According to experts, the majority of companies that came out on ICO, working in such areas as financial services, stock exchanges and e-wallets, blockchain infrastructure.

As for the duration of all major ICO, it largely is about 1-2 months. However, if large projects have attracted large “cash”, the small ICO to 100 thousand dollars.

According to experts, the most ICO was held in the U.S. – 59 projects for 583,8 million dollars in Singapore — 34 project 468,1 million dollars in the UK — 26 projects for 99.7 million dollars. In Russia – there were 13 projects of 20.8 million dollars.