The draft law on crowdfunding, recently introduced in the state Duma, raises questions rather than clarifies the regulation of this financing tool

20 March the state Duma was introduced the bill “About alternative ways of attracting investment (crowdfunding)”, prepared by the same group of members that developed the much-debated law “On digital of financial assets” that offer regulation for cryptocurrency and ICO.

This bill, however, dealt not so much crowdfunding as crowd investing, because it regulates raising funds exclusively for investment purposes, whereas by means of crowd funding is mainly financed non-profit projects — publishing of computer games, shooting films, creating other interesting public content or a unique high-tech product.

But in the latter case, new contributors to the successful project receive not an appropriate part of business income, and the right of the first to created product, to watch a movie or play a game for part of his selling price or even free.

These are relations associated with donations of property, the new bill and is not covered. So bloggers, online writers and enthusiasts that collect money for their activities by fans and the General public can relax and take a breath — no legislative prohibitions or unnecessary bureaucratic burdens are not in jeopardy.