Frequent cases of theft of funds from the accounts of the users on cryptomeria and purses make to think about the security of your crypto holdings. Experts exchange EXMO collected five rules that will help protect accounts and personal assets stored on user accounts.

Rule # 1. Personal responsibility

Each user bears the personal responsibility for the security of your account and the safety of personal savings.

Rule # 2. Official website address

In recent years, among cybercriminals is popular for the creation of phishing domain names that are the most similar to the domain names of popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

So always check the domain in the address bar.

Rule # 3. Two-factor authentication profile

For the highest quality protect your account, use two-factor authentication, which is a system of access based on two “keys”, and is used to enhance the protection of user accounts.


It does not need additional device, as the authentication is done via a mobile device, which usually is at hand;

There is a constant update of a verification code that is more secure than a single password to the system.

Also recommend you to use Google Authenticator:

While using Google Authenticator no risk of delays when you log on to the website;

The app generates a unique six-digit key every 30 seconds, so the chance of information leakage is minimized.

Important! No one to pass personal device with a set of Google Authenticator.

Rule # 4. The security of your Email

Email hacking is common, followed by theft of funds from the exchange account. So at the first suspicion of hacking the account should contact the support with the lock request a withdrawal.

It is also important to remember that:

Do not open letters with unverified email addresses.

Please do not send your personal information to third parties;

You should pay attention to the sender’s address: as a rule, sending from the major exchanges comes from the official domain (the platform EXMO —

Rule # 5. Only the original desktop and mobile applications

Do not set to work unchecked in the desktop and mobile apps. Cryptocurrency exchanges post information about current applications on their official websites.

Some more security tips for your account:

Whenever you sign in to your account in the mail should receive a letter with the specified IP address that was logged;

If you had seen suspicious activity, report it to the support;

Create unique passwords for each account.

Do not access your account from an unauthenticated device;

Do not go to the site using the link unconfirmed;

Get more info from the source.

More tips in the video:

These precautions increase the chances to secure your account and protect your information from intruders.