1. Criminal or “dirty” money, it’s basically cache the result of criminal activity, whether drug trafficking, prostitution, child trafficking, organ trade, etc. Less common are the Bank account with the money obtained as a result of hacks/scams and so on.
2. Small sums laundered straight cash-OTC-deal (Hello, localbargains) when they bought the cue ball, which is sent to the criminal appeal structure.
3. A large amount it is practically impossible to wash with OTC and cache. It is important to understand that large sums of dirty money, there should always be a Bankwilling to take and put into the account. Money do not become any cleaner, they just get in the Wednesday wire transfers.
4. The rule of the first stage-wash — easy to launder loot through the cue ball, you need to buy the cue. This captain’s phrase is not as simple as it seems, when it comes to large volumes. To unload a large amount of dirty money on the OTC over the cue ball was (and is) extremely difficult, because the sellers of the cue ball often attract professional escrow lawyers who request certain documents in “supplier of Fiat”, and in case of refusal or inability past these docks provide – the transaction is completed before it began.
5. But the exchange is quite another matter. Fiat (whether dirty or clean) has purchasing power, that is, Fiat money can buy, for example, Tether, and Tether to by the cue ball. Thus, an important task is the mixing of Fiat from different sources into one pot, turning (full or partial) of the boiler Fiat into the pot the cue ball, and the conclusion now.
6. When large volumes of dirty Fiat, structure type Tether / Bitfinex are extremely useful tools cleaning the dough. The main claim to Tether at all times was “prove that you have enough Fiat to cover the wrappers!”, then there is the question of the balance of accounts. No one asked for receipts and withdrawals from the accountswhen the sauce “purchase/sale USDT” could be kicked out of the net funds, to be exhausted and dirty. Do not forget about Bitfinex in particular and about the cartel in General. Where the second largest market BTC/USDT after the date? — Binase. Scheme No. 2 transfer of dirty Fiat in USDT, which would be bought the cue and were displayed for the second phase of washing has all rights to exist. If stock trading account for a small part of the stream (since such thing as the Dom), the main transaction USDT/BTC was held at the OTS, and the Fig and the banana has its own OTC-deski. Another significant part of cash flow could be laundered through a Tether Treasury, since it features quick change ownership of assets (Pete brought the Fiat — led USDT, Bob started USDT – led Fiat).
7. The rule of the second stage of washing is not difficult first. Need to sell the cue ball to OTS for the pure Fiat. That is, the crime becomes a provider cue. Generally, OTS transactions, escrow-lawyers to the vendor now matters much less than the provider Fiat. Just need to make sure that the proposed change is not “marked”, as a hacker, silkroadonline and so on. Generally speaking, the results of all the schemes, a “financial cription” sells chops at UTS, receiving the pure Fiat.
8. Pure Fiat is invested in real estate, non-criminal business or other legitimate “expensive purchases”.
9. Mission to launder the dough is made.

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