Given the interest from various sectors of the economy to Bitcoin, the time comes the main question: “how much do you need Bitcoin to succeed in the near future?”.

I have said many times that if you have the money for 1 BTC, but you haven’t bought it, you should think about such a purchase. 1 Bitcoin already gives you membership in a special club of the 21st million. Theoretically, owning 1 BTC you already find yourself in a privileged group of people who will ever be able to have it. This is important because if Bitcoin will become a global reserve currency, every millionaire in the world wants to have at least 1 whole BTC, it will be as a symbol of prestige. At the time of 2018, there were 36 million millionaires, which makes 21 million Bitcoin is not enough to every millionaire was one of them.

Only this fact can lead to extremely high Bitcoin price value in the case that he will fulfill his destiny.

What if you already have 1 BTC? There is another, more prestigious club that you may want to get club one million.

For this you will need 21 BTC. I am sure that there are not very many such lucky people, because at current prices, this purchase will cost you nearly 126 thousand dollars. I still have not got to the club, but that’s my goal. If Bitcoin will soon go into a new bullish trend, I need to hurry.

Now there is no exact data on how many people belong to either of these two groups. However, we can certainly judge that their number will be much less than it could be. One reason for this lies in the lost and destroyed Bitcoin. According to Chainalysis 3.79 million BTC lost forever. They broke the total amount into several categories:

  • I went out of circulation due to loss,
  • The coins owned by Satoshi,
  • Lost as a result of trading errors, etc.

In the list of the Bitcoin Rich List shows the breakdown of the balances in the wallets.

Now at least 1 BTC only owns a little less than 578 thousand people, it’s not even close to 21 million. Addresses that fall in the 1 million club in just over 109 thousand, almost 10 times less than a million. This statistic does not even account for duplicate addresses.

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy 1 BTC. The good news is that this may not be necessary for success. We know that the issue of BTC is limited to 21 million coins. For the experiment, let’s assume that none of them was lost. If you have even 0.1 BTC, no more than 2.7% of the global population will have more coins than you have now.

If this amount is 0.25 BTC, not more than 1% of people on earth can have the same. It turns out that 0.25 BTC give you a pass to the club of the 1st cent.

Remember, if you just buy and keep Bitcoin, you share in a percentage of the total number of coins will never decrease and will only increase due to lost and destroyed coins. How Bitcoin changes our view of value, is just beginning to penetrate the heads of people. As soon as everyone realizes that having even 0.1 BTC they will rise a step above most of the population of the Earth, we will see how they make haste to purchase at least that much. Bitcoin is a global, deflationary and unchanged system. It’s a paradigm shift that is happening before our eyes.

What club you now?

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