Decentralized browser launched Brave Brave Ads platform that allows users to earn on viewing advertising. This news appeared on the official website of the company 24 APR. Recall, Brave is a browser open source and support the blockchain. Users can now get 70 percent of advertising revenue as a reward for their viewing.

According to the information provided, payments will be made in the native bitcoin browser Basic Attention Token (BAT). According to the developers, Brave Ads platform is able to link directly to the advertisers and users interested in a particular advertisement. It completely excludes the costs and risks associated with the privacy, security and fraud.

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The company also notes that it cooperated with the charity blockchain consulting startup The Giving Block and a non-profit organization The Human Right Foundation for which users can make donations through the Brave Rewards. Statement in honor of the event was made CEO and co-founder of Brave Software Brendan Eich.

We are launching Brave Ads — the first digital advertising platform that protects user rights on data and rewards them for their time and attention. Brave Ads also aims to improve the Economics and conversion industry of Internet advertising. To publishers and advertisers could exist without intermediaries who charge a huge fee and only follow government and corporate surveillance.

In December last year, the Brave has become the default browser in major smartphone manufacturer HTC. It was preinstalled on the HTC Exodus 1 — the first blockchain-smartphone with support for multiple networks including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Today, the price of BAT is 42.7 cents, equivalent to an increase of 3.95 percent just in the last day. The current market capitalization of token exceeds 535 million, and daily trading volume yesterday amounted to 99 million.

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