In the first three months of 2018, the number of cases of covert mining of cryptocurrencies increased by 4000% compared with the previous quarter. This is stated in a new report Malwarebytes.

The number of attacks involving malware-ransomware (ransomware) decreased by 35%. More recently, attacks of this type were quite popular in krypterade. Their essence is to distribute malware, which completely blocks access to valuable information, and then hackers demand ransom to resume access. For example, last month, hackers attacked the computers of the municipal authorities of the American of the year Atlanta, demanding ransom in the amount of $51 million in bitcoins to unlock the encrypted using the virus content.

In turn hidden mining, also known as cryptojacking is unresolved using the power of the PC or other Internet connected device by a third party. Although this form of intervention is not as malicious as ransomware infection ON mining can lead to serious consequences, including the threat – capture systems and stealing information.

Despite the rapid growth of the hidden mining, the greatest threat to users carries all the same he did not, and adware (adware). Organizations also often become victims of spyware.

Among cybercriminals also popular methods such as creating fake Twitter accounts and “black” SEO, through which they gain access to the credentials of the wallets of their victims and other confidential information.

The report lists other schemes, but these methods remain the most dangerous at the moment.

Recall that according to Symantec, in 2017 the number of cases of latent mining increased by 8500%.