Well-known businessman and cryptoexpert noted that external forces are not always capable of resolving people’s problems.

In an interview with the media the founder of the company that produces McAfee once again voiced quite your thoughts about cryptocurrency and ICO.

“Keep in mind that, politically, I’m libertarian, so I don’t have any rules… we have to be self-regulating people,” he joked McAfee.

He also noted that “if you cheated, nobody is to blame, just yourselves”.

“Life was never a safe occupation. There are risks, much more appropriate to take these risks than to pass on your protection of any outside agencies who are not able to protect you actually,” says McAfee.

Those who want to know more about the held of a particular company tokencache, cryptomnesia suggested to read about it in groups and thematic social media channels. McAfee believes that the most effective method for decision-making is to join the community and talk with its members before making any conclusions.

John McAfee expressed the view that the CEO of JPMorgan&Chase Jamie diamon was a fiasco, trying to destroy the world of the cryptocurrency movement.

“Jamie, how the brain of a conspiracy of the government and the bankers against the cryptocurrency, you lied a lot. You deprived us credit cards and Bank accounts. You convinced the government to close the exchange and limit our possibilities. You have wronged us. But here we are — still alive. We can’t be stopped. Ready to discuss terms of surrender?”, — wrote in his account McAfee.