Hasrat network Bitcon delineated above $ 52 Eh/s according to the site bitinfocharts.com – this is a new high of 2019. The miners sought to exceed the level 50 Eh/s in Feb 3 times and 2 times in a row in March, each made peak coincided or preceded by strong growth of Bitcoin’s rate.

Extreme values Hasrat occurred in days: 8, 17, 23 Feb, 2 and March 16, as the graph shows Hasrat.
If applied these days on the Bitcoin chart, that in all cases the price jump in the form of a strong exchange rate was either these days or have moved in a few sessions later:
Increase Hasrat network coincided with a very important day, tonight will end the historical Committee meeting of the FOMC, which determines the important parameter of the monetary policy of the United States- a rate the fed. Later, the Agency will hold a press conference, both events will cause strong movements in global financial and commodity markets.

Obviously, against this background, the volume of transactions in dollars spent on buying Bitcoin for the first time in two months exceeded the share of the yen, taking almost 48% of the market.
Investors expect the weakening USD, after the failure of the fed to pursue a policy of increasing rates, which also increases the chances of growth of BTC as the market as a whole.