Update Istanbul network Ethereum developers have decided to reschedule for early next month. It is reported portal Coin Dask with reference to the representative of the Ethereum team Foundation Hudson jameson.

Hardwork to be held in early October, currently the developers are trying to agree on a block number, which will be updated.

Recall, the developers at the end of August announced the postponement of the fork Istanbul on Oct. It was also stated that the update should take place in two stages. The first phase was scheduled for October, and the second for the first quarter of 2020.

Hudson Jameson said:

For those who don’t know how it works, we choose the block number to be determined on or about 2 October. However, it might be a day or two later or earlier than this date.

All will depend on how quickly the blocks on the blockchain, said the representative of the Ethereum team.

We note that recently the co-founder of the Ethereum Vitalik Buterin once again highlighted the unresolved issue of the scale of the network, which prevents the increase in the number of its users.