Korean platform Coinrail not the most popular crypto currency exchange. However, as it turned out, the wallets of the exchange stored tokens to tens of millions of dollars.

Platform Coinrail is on the last line in the list 100 largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volumes, but despite the rating, until recently, she owned a large amount of money.

The attackers took the money in various crypto currencies. It was stolen 19.5 million dollars in tokens NPXS issued by the developer of payment solutions Pundi X. 13.8 million dollars in tokens of the Aston project X, involved in the development of a platform for decentralization of the documents. 5.8 million dollars in Dent tokens, used in calculations on the platform to transmit mobile data. And $ 1.1 million in the Tron tokens and smaller amounts of other cryptocurrencies.

The South Korean police has already started investigation. The developers of tokens decided to assist them in this. Pundi X said that the crackers were about 3% of the issue their tokens. The team froze the stolen coins and have suspended trading on all exchanges. The project NPER frozen tokens, and plans to neutralize them, so the hacker was not able to use them. Aston X also froze a stolen kryptonite.

Representatives of the stock exchange has suspended trading and announced that he had moved the remaining tokens, which make up 70% of its assets in cold storage for the duration of the security auditing and incident investigation. How Coinrail intends to compensate for the losses of their users is still unknown.