Experts like to estimate what the next year may be for different industries. Bitcoin is not an exception, however cryptobiina already in full swing. Overall, in 2019, investors and enthusiasts are likely to notice some definite trends. Personally, we were able to identify four trends you should be aware of.

Distribution of cryptomate

Image source — Bitcoin ATM Services

According to reports, in 2019, will begin to appear EN masse BitComet, at least in America. So-called ATMs solely to supporting BTC, but there is a more generic name “Cryptomach”, which works with Althingi.

In new York there are traditional ATMs, which users can purchase coins. They encourage people to use Bitcoin or cryptocurrency work more actively than before. People are accustomed to using ATMs in financial order so that getting in more ATMs and bitcoins will not be something difficult. By the way, not so long ago, the community experienced the first Bitcoin cryptomath on the basis of Lightning.

Central banks will actively interact with cryptocurrencies

The majority of Bitcoin like the fact that they can be used without a Bank account. However, in 2019, may become a clear trend in support of crypto-currencies by Central banks, which will begin to include them in their foreign exchange reserves.

During the presentation at the first bitcoin conference in Israel, the pioneer of Bitcoin is Nick Szabo explained the reasons for the forecast increase in the number of countries-users of the cryptocurrency. This is especially true of States where there are serious conflicts or inefficient financial management.

Source: WIRED

There will be a situation when the Central Bank, for example, will not be able to trust the bond of a foreign Bank or government. An existing solution is to trust their storage to the Swiss government, although it, trust is not minimized. The Swiss government is also subject to political pressure and therefore less need to trust the cryptocurrency.

In 2018, the President of the International monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, explained why Central banks should issue currency. This trend may be in 2019 will not reach full-scale adoption, but it will become obvious that the Central banks do not need to shun Bitcoin or kriptonyte in General.

More recently, its own currency JPM Coin under a barrage of criticism announced and the Bank is JPMorgan.

The growth in bitcoin tourism

22 may 2010 cryptomnesia named Laszlo Hanech paid 10 thousand BTC for 2 pizzas. Now there is a trend towards the growth of companies and regions, encouraging tourists to spend bitcoin while traveling. In March 2018 to accept bitcoin for services started by the German tourist Board. And more recently Australian beach town in Central Queensland became the first tourist town, friendly disposed to the digital currency.

When visiting other countries, first thing you have to look for points of currency exchange. If this trend continues, this need will disappear and will be easy to travel with bitcoins. It requires planning, but ultimately the feature can be convenient for travelers who don’t want to deal with the traditional money away from home. If for a moment to recall the first paragraph of this article, this idea seems quite feasible.

The growing number of smartphones with support for bitcoin and cryptocurrency

In the plans of technology companies has also been a trend to create smartphones with integrated wallets for storage of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. At the end of 2018 HTC released Exodus 1 – the blockchain-oriented phone with a wallet. To buy a phone only for the cryptocurrency.

Source: NewsBTC

Also we must not forget that Samsung has released flagship model Galaxy S10, which has an integrated crypto Blockchain Samsung KeyStore.

Too early to say how successful can be these phones, but the pioneers could be the beginning of a more significant trend, if users will like the approach.

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