The price of a bitcoin today exceeded $6000, breaking key resistance that can lead to a sharp rise, writes Forbes.

According to the forecasts of several analysts, the cryptocurrency may provide a significant profit if bitcoin will keep levels above $6000.

Investing in cryptocurrencies or tokens is very risky, and the market is largely not regulated. Anyone who is considering this opportunity should be ready to that may lose all of your investment.

“$6000 was a key level for bitcoin,” said John Todaro of TradeBlock. He noted that the cryptocurrency has recently shown a profit despite the negative news.

“Two weeks ago, the price of bitcoin recovered quickly after came the bad news about Tether and Bitfinex” said Todaro. “Just yesterday we saw the price of bitcoin quickly recovered and after the news about the theft of $40 million from hot wallet cryptocurrency exchanges Binance”.

He said that now that bitcoin has exceeded $6000, a digital currency may continue to grow.

Tim Enneking, managing Director, Digital Capital Management, has named this level “hard”, but said that as soon as bitcoin “will eventually overcome the resistance”, it almost certainly will make “a strong push higher.”

Jeff Dorman, Director of investments in the company of Arca, also drew attention to the level of $6000, stating that as soon as bitcoin will overcome it, “little can stop him from quickly grow.”

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