On the cryptocurrency market returned to the “bearish” sentiment, and some bitcoin skeptics have claimed that not far off a repeat of the December phase, which resulted in the drop of BTC below 3500.

Wednesday, 14 August, the exchange rate of bitcoin fell to $10 600, the market capitalization of a digital asset was reduced to $189,695 billion By the end of last week the BTC price lost nearly 11%, which was the largest negative figure for the last time.

Alex Krüger@krugermacro

Are you afraid?

I am not.

(Fear & Greed index is currently at the Dec/2018 lows)

Next key level below at $10300-10325. $BTC

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Capturadora on Twitter are calling the bulls back to the market and to support the bitcoin to prevent it from falling below $10,000.

The probability of the weakening of the shock below the level of $10 000 is now as high as ever, observers say. Many of them believe that testing a new low will be inevitable, but it will be short-term. The coin goes back to growth.

For example, analyst Alex Kruger calls to remain calm. In his view, reduced to $10 300 – 10 325 will happen, but it’s not as scary as BTC will still be able to withstand the pressure.

Another expert under the name CryptoHamster believes that we will see a test of $9900. But the phase of the dominance of the “bears” will end, and the “bulls” will help bitcoin to win back previously lost positions.


78.6% Fibo
350DMAx1.6 (from @PositiveCrypto )
Solid like a rock! 😎$BTC $BTCUSD #bitcoin

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