Today we have a very important topic to discuss, especially it will be interesting to those who are deep in altonah and not knows whether their chosen startups to produce the promised product. It will be about Digitex Futures, a token of which fell by 75% just hours after the video of CEO Adam Todd with explanations about the next transfer run.

The latest promotional video on my channel was a video about Digitex. Then no one knew what the product team. Now, when they presented the result, disappointed. My video was released October 7, 2018, when the price was clearly higher than now. Even then, I was told that the price DGTX was too high. Then I wanted to give the audience to understand that this market carries great risks and should not be purchased as Bitcoin and altcoins when they are on the ATN. If the price of interesting coins have already departed up, it is best to come to terms with the fact that the opportunity has passed.

Since my October video price DGTX doubled, then went into a deep correction, and then again, reaching ATN, went to 3 cents after 16. Here is a video, which obliged this fall.

Adam released a video in which I lamented the results of the work of the developers which, most likely, there were people from Spotware. In the video Adam says that provided the product is not a startup can be a killer BitMEX. He even joked about this, saying that the only way that this product can kill BitMEX is if Arthur (CEO BitMEX) look at the terminal from Digitex and die of laughter. It really speaks negatively about the developers and promises to take a situation under personal control.

Thus, the problem of Digitex lies in the fact that they used the funds raised in the ICO, for the recruitment outsourcing company. As a result, now they need to find a new team. Let us look at the technical details, it will be useful to people who invest in coins that does not understand the ambitions and opportunities of startups. You can’t just run the exchange, or a platform for smart contracts, but many still don’t understand it.

So, Digitex Futures exchange in its current form has the following problems:

  • No figure of daily trading volume;
  • Spot prices are available only on the charts;
  • You cannot change the leverage;
  • Hampered the sale of the contracts;
  • Bug issuing the error “insufficient funds”, which prevents the buy orders;
  • Automatic rounding results in loss of money even the best trading bots;
  • The mechanism of collection of commissions contrary to the concept of a startup.

Based on this impressive set of faults it is possible to understand the indignation of Adam, and their desire to hire another team of developers. What to expect from Digitex in the future? Personally, I don’t have a clue. Apparently, they’re not trying fraudulently to close the startup. So, you might want to look at the token now, if you are looking for the opportunity to purchase it.

Better to do it now when the price is dangling at the bottom. However, there is another problem — token DGTX is currently only available in waste exchanges. If tokens could be bought for Binance, well, or at least on Bittrex, I probably would have done it.

Most likely, Digitex Futures will still be running. Perhaps it will take a few months, maybe six months. But the exchange will not be a “killer” BitMEX, so if you are interested in futures, it is better to register it. You can also pay attention to Diribit.

Ask yourself the question: “can a similar situation happen to Aldona in which I have invested?”.

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