Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian believes that investors need to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Ohanyan believes that the year-end price of Ethereum will reach 15 000 dollars for the token. Despite the fact that the entrepreneur still holds a few bitcoins, he has more faith in optimistic predictions for the second cryptocurrency.

In his opinion, “people actually build on it,” reports Fortune. As an example of a successful project using digital currency Ohanyan called the famous “cryptoquotes” — CryptoKitties.

According to the forecast of the businessman, the cryptocurrency needs seven months to the end of the year to grow by more than 22 times. Its market capitalization, according to him, this will reach nearly 1.5 trillion dollars.

However, in the bright future of the first cryptocurrency — bitcoin, Ethereum and not believe the editor of Citron Research is Andrew left. Writes Coindesk, editor of investment publication expressed the opinion that bitcoin and Ethereum are bubbles, but betting should be done on the first digital currency.

“I’d rather shorter Ethereum than bitcoin. It is unlikely that the rate of ETH will continue to grow thanks to the tokens and decentralised applications, the existing it ecosystem,” says the left.

We will remind, on Wednesday, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin officially announced that transaction processing of the network becomes faster and more efficient, thanks to the use of the concept of sharding. Sharding is a way of solving problems with the scalability of the blockchain.