The domain is cryptocurrency trading profitable unquestionably, however, the standard exchange platforms yet fail to provide maximum efficiency to earn a substantial return on investments. Centralized platforms offer speed, but entails dealing with complicated procedures and transactional security issues. Decentralized platforms on the other hand, provide security, but have no strong system in place to ensure adequate control and monitoring.

EXCOLONY is a unique exchange platform that has seamlessly incorporated the best of both worlds, the centralized and decentralized platforms. With this next-generation network, traders can get the speed and governance of centralized platforms, and security and flexibility of decentralized exchanges. EXCOLONY primarily aims towards rendering high compatibility between all of the transactional units across the globe. This allows users to transact and share data worldwide at low cost and in real-time.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence for the Round the Clock Guidance

EXCOLONY AI is a productive feature that enables users with real-time support. Whether traders wish to change their current passwords or need guidance regarding transactions, they can avail comprehensive support services through AI bots. They are especially beneficial for new users who often struggle to understand the basic functioning of the platform. AI provides them with useful textual as well as visual guidance that helps them understand the user-interface in a quick and easy way.

Additionally, the AI effectively identifies, analyzes, and that prioritizes the potential risks and threats associated with trading. It then implements an organized and economical application of resources to minimize, control, and monitor the impact of various events. Essentially, it works to ensure that the uncertain factors don’t negatively impact the trading experience of users and they continue to earn stable ROIs. AI also collects millions of data and information to predict various results thereby, warning traders of uncertainties, lowering the potential of risks and threats, and helping them make informed trading decisions.

A Secure Trading Experience that Goes Beyond Geographical Boundaries

Lack of security is one of the critical issues of cryptocurrency trading. Smart contracts enable safe transfer of funds, shares, data, properties, etc. without the assistance of any third party. EXCOLONY has leveraged smart contracts to ensure secure trading for investors and traders across the globe. It enables them to maintain anonymity in the exchanges, trade with low transaction fees, and avail reliable insurance policies.

Another challenge witnessed by this digital domain is that conventional exchange platforms only offer limited payment options, making it challenging for some traders to transact in cryptocurrencies. EXCOLONY solves this issue by maintaining a strong business network with the leading banks from around the world. It also offers VISA/Master and straight cryptocurrency transactions as fund deposit methods. EXCOLONY is also gearing up to partner with pay gates and local payment gateways of over 50 countries.

A Reliable Exchange Platform

EXCOLONY is a hybrid exchange platform that aims at providing reliable and secure trading experience to its users. By offering the best of both, centralized and decentralized exchange networks, the platform offers a seamless trading experience to users looking to harness maximum benefits out of this digital trade.

EXCOLONY, the FIRST EXCHANGE using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in trading, having SAFU INSURANCE for users who have been hacked, owning tokens CAN BE CONVERTED TO COMPANY SHARE via ICCO, will become a trend in the future. There are several functions such as Paygate, delegated investment and demo exchange for traders in the crypto world

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