Looks like Bitfinex team will continue to provide excellent service to cryptocurrency trading to customers worldwide. Now, the exchange launched an improved tool for visualization and analysis of data that can use both experts and newcomers to the cryptocurrency. The instrument has five new features that allow traders to optimize their trading.

Advanced visualization tool was launched on June 11. It was created to help both beginner and experienced capturadora better focus in the retail space:



We are pleased to present an improved reporting tool, useful both for beginners and experts navigating the digital currency trading space.https://medium.com/bitfinex/bitfinex-reporting-framework-update-d6c0c0ac689f …

Bitfinex Reporting Framework — Update

A new tool for optimized trading.


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The first function of the tool is Equivalent USD Balance (balance equivalent in US dollars). It displays the value of all your scriptactive on Bitfinex in USD. When calculating this balance, software of the exchange takes into account the daily closing price of all trading pairs against the us dollar.

The second function — Average Win/Loss (average gain / loss). It allows you to display the average amount of winnings or losses to the trader for a selected period. This will allow the trader to know the overall situation of their Affairs at the exchange, because the function shows daily, weekly or monthly portfolio growth. The amount of win / loss are indicated in US dollars or any other Fiat currency selected by the trader.

The accounting function of wins / losses takes into account the bargains available to trader stocks, the price movements of the cryptocurrency Finance income (and expenses), transactions and commissions. However, the function does not account for open positions related to margin transactions.

The third function is a new is Account Balance (account balance). It shows daily, weekly and monthly balances trader in us dollars or other Fiat currencies, chosen from a list. A trader can choose time periods which will be displayed in your account balance.

The fourth function is the Bitfinex Wallet (wallet Bitfinex) that will accurately display the prices of cryptocurrencies and Fund your account regardless of fluctuations in market prices.

The fifth feature – the new, is Currency Breakdown (breakdown by currency). The function displays a pie chart for the breakdown by currency in the account of the user at any given time, visually showing the contribution of each digital asset in the portfolio.

New visualization tool is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, users can download the software on GitHub and follow the instructions to install.

Bitfinex will improve this tool

Bitfinex aims to add to the visualization tool even more functionality – for example, the ability to export files with a digital signature, integration with a mobile app, advanced option of sorting / filtering, optimized data exchange between users. The company also intends to launch a special site for downloading public data.

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