The co-op ETC (ECC, Ethereum Classic Cooperative) was established to financially support the growth and development of Ethereum Classic through the financing of three key aspects of the ecosystem ETC: development, marketing and community. To achieve these goals, ECC will improve their governance structure by creating a Board of advisors, which governs the distribution of ECC funds allocated for the development ETC.

The Council will consist of 5 people: Elaine (Elaine Ou), Igor Artamonov, Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson), Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert) and James Wu (Wo James).

The Advisory Board will allocate funds to ECC in the following areas:

  • Development – support existing and financing new projects that can benefit the ecosystem, ETC
  • Marketing – information dissemination ETC among people who are interested in blockchain technologies
  • The community service needs of the community for the support and development of fair and open environment conducive to cooperation

ECC will contribute to the development, filling in gaps in areas that go beyond the existing teams, and providing funding for new projects members of the community.

ECC will improve the marketing network, improving communication and helping the beginners to understand the decentralized and open nature ETC.

ECC will contribute to the development of the community, providing a level of support and administration of various community resources; this includes web sites, social networks, forums and documentation.

Members of the Board of advisors:

Elaine From, blockchain developer at Global Financial Access, financial technological company of San Francisco, and consultant team ETCDEV. In addition to her ETC-projects (EtherHub and TokenMint) she is known for her very direct and honest tweets. Her strict and pragmatic approach, of course, makes her a valued member of the Board of consultants.

Igor Artamonov, the head ETCDEV, takes an active part in the development of the ETC from the first block after separation from Ethereum. His contribution was extremely important for the survival ETC in the first days of its existence, and today Igor continues to participate in the development of the network, heading a team ETCDEV. ETCDEV brought to the network ETC a lot of improvements, including sydeny and an excellent platform for the development of the dApp. Examples of their work can be seen in Emerald Wallet and ETC Geth, in which there are many enhancements that are not in Ethereum Geth.

Charles Hoskinson was one of the founders of Ethereum, and then moved in ETC. From the beginning he was one of our strongest supporters, speaking in support ETC whenever he was with a microphone in front of an audience. As for practice, it translated into the development ETC of developers and the resources of the company IOHK. IOHK is developing new software for ETC: Mantis (FOR network nodes) and integration with Daedelus (move ETC, in fact, in a purse Cardano).

Barry Silbert, CEO at Digital Currency Group, one of the first supporters ETC and the organizer of the ECC. Barry also occupies the post of CEO in Grayscale Investments, the company sponsoring Ethereum Classic Investment Trust. Being a man, which ideology ETC close, it avoids direct intervention in the development of the project and only helps ETC to evolve organically in its own direction.

James Wu for a long time, sympathetic ETC and takes an active part in the life of the blockchain community through his company Digital Finance Group. Based in Shanghai DFG is a diversified business group focusing on investment and development in the field of blockchain technology and digital assets. The scope of its activities include venture capital and angel investing, direct investment in equity capital, strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions.