According to the Ethereum Classic in 2018, the public release of a desktop version of the wallet Emerald may occur already in March.

This is the first stage of implementation of the Emerald Project, which will be the platform for future decentralized applications (dApp), working on the Ethereum blockchain Classic. To date, the wallet that would verify the transactions in Ethereum Classic does not require a trust does not exist. Exit Emerald Wallet will be the solution to this crucial problem.

Other difficulties faced by developers include the lack of a common platform for the development of a dApp-based Ethereum Classic. In addition, Ethereum Classic missing components of the user interface (UI) and there are no standard practices for third-party developers. The Emerald Project aims to solve these problems.

Due to the modular approach of the application will be divided into several model layers with components reuse, which can later be replaced by or integrated into third-party dApp.
Emerald will consist of the following parts:

  • Geth or other service that provides a standard API Web3
  • UI for desktops, mobile devices, web browsers or console
  • Connector – the link between UI and bloccano that controls all the private data such as private keys, address book, monitor the contracts and tokens, etc.

Eventually the developers plan to create easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) decentralized applications on the Ethereum-based Classic. As a result, developers will be provided with all the necessary tools for the creation of dApp in addition to the tools needed to test and use them in conjunction with desktop, mobile or web applications.

Emerald Wallet will include all of the above components. In the future, the development team ETC will gradually begin to divide Emerald into several independent parts, highlighting Emerald SDK and build the second dApp for developers of smart contracts (for a cycle of writing/ deploying/troubleshoot errors in the smart contracts).

In addition to this, the developers ETC will work over a separate command-line utility to help you to integrate in Ethereum Classic third-party applications. These tasks will be carried out in stages, but is expected to release beta Wallet Emerald first applications in the project, will take place next week.