The last week is remembered by many for a significant fall in prices ETC. From the point of view of the average investor, there is reason to worry: the price was reduced at a rate of 10% per day. However, a similar picture can be observed in the charts of other cryptocurrencies, for example, Cardano, Litecoin or Bitcoin.

At the time of preparation of the article Ethereum Classic is in 16th place in terms of market capitalization among cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that Ethereum Classic is a sequel to the original version of the Ethereum blockchain, it is not a easy subject to external interventions – hacking, phishing, or other characteristic of the cryptocurrency security issues.

Newly support Ethereum Classic was introduced in two popular hardware wallets: Ledger and best wallet. Users can now keep their ETC in cold storage in the most secure wallets. Visit ETC on Github is a list of 15 mining pools that support Ethereum Classic. ETC traded on all major exchanges, including Bittrex and Bitfinex, which ensures the high visibility of koina in the cryptocurrency community.

The fact that 2018 will not be without big news from Ethereum Classic, it was clear long ago. ETC community adopted a new economic strategy. The team Ethereum Classic has seen since the introduction of ETC in the summer of 2016, the market for digital currency has taken a big step in its development. This has led to the need to adjust long-term plans ETC-community. Organized by Grayscale investment Fund ETC allows its investors to earn on changes in market value ETC and to save on fees and costs.

In addition, the team Ethereum Classic introduced his new member, Richard Schumann (Richard Schumann), whose tasks include the improvement of the graphical interface and ease of use ETC to the end user. Another new member of the team, Mario, Michelle (Mario Michel), the moderator of the main group Ethereum Classic in the Telegram and in various forums. Its task is control the feedback of a team of developers and users of the network, and the opening of the new national Telegram channel, ETC-Italia.

One more good news for holders of ETC – is adding support for the currency in the company Centra Cards. Now users will be able to replenish ETC accounts directly with a debit card. In addition, the team ETC has introduced a new Board of advisors, which will include several well-recognized participants: Igor Artamonov, Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson), Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert), James Wu (Wo James) and Elaine (Elaine Ou). It is expected that the development team ETC under the guidance of the Board of advisors will restore the web site ETC and create a support system initiatives emanating from the community. In addition, in a short time they expect to make some unexpected announcements.

In 2018, the development team Classic Ethereum intends to increase the flexibility of Saidjanov network make portable purse Emerald for installation on external media and to increase support and dissemination of tokens, ETC.

Directions of further development of Ethereum Classic

Tests of the purse Emerald has shown that it is not perfect, and the team intends to continue working on it. Now the wallet syncs with the network almost instantly, however, price movements ETC still pose technical problems. Pyskell, one of the developers of ETC, confirmed that the team is aware of these shortcomings and is working to overcome. The news about the decision of this problem in the future can cause the growth of prices ETC.

To accurately predict the future Ethereum Classic is difficult. Market recent trends can make investors a painful impression. However, there is good news about the scalability of the network due to Saidjanov, with the ability to create both public and private chains and the possible elimination of commissions for transactions. In addition, these sicani can be used by low-power devices, which opens up new prospects in the field of “Internet of things”.

It is clear that due to the strong long-term strategy for the future ETC still seems to be promising. Let’s see whether the ETC to strengthen its position in the list of top cryptocurrencies by the end of 2018.