The Ethereum project is the number one to create a cryptocurrency. Its ecosystem provides everyone with the opportunity to register properties in their own coins with the use of smart contracts. However, according to experts of the research Department Binance, the Ethereum can be pushed back from its place in the industry on other projects.

Tonight, ETH is trading at 188 dollars. For the past day the price of the cryptocurrency fell by 3.24 percent.

Who will take the place of Ethereum?

In 2017, the stock market was booming crowdfunding campaigns ICO on the basis of Ethereum. So as to buy new tokens, investors can only through the Air, the cost Aldona has increased tenfold in just a few months. In 2018, the hype around the ICO came to naught, and the rate of ETH rapidly went downhill.

In Binance Research believe that the project Vitalik Buterin will never regain its former popularity. All because of scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, cryptocurrency has a relatively low throughput — or the number of transactions and the fee for them in ETH steadily rising. This opinion he Buterin. We will remind, recently he said that the Ethereum blockchain “stoned”.

By the way, today the ETH resource recommends to the Gas Station to pay for Gwei 2.1 translation as the standard price, and on Tuesday, the figure was 1.3 Gwei. Meanwhile, the base Commission is 1 Gwei.

Source: ETH Gas Station

According to analysts, one of the main rivals of Aether is Tron. This Aldon provides a good platform for creators of games on the blockchain. More than 80 percent of all decentralized applications on the Tron is designed for gambling games and online casinos. For comparison: on the Ethereum blockchain for gaming applications account for only 33 percent.

Image source — Bitcoinist

In Binance Research note that most of these coins have absolutely no value. Token can be create by anyone, so their diversity can be written off from the accounts when reviewing the benefits of Ethereum.