Irish singer IMOD Hip received a Grammy award and well-earned musical “Harry Potter” and by selling songs for Ethereum. Now their financial achievements she uses to create applications based on the blockchain. The latter will help the musicians to profit from their music.

Blockchain app for musicians

About his plans IMOD Hip told the conference MoneyConf in Dublin. The project is called Mycelia. Using the blockchain in the framework of the project musicians will be able to store all the information about their work in one place, including the rights of publication, recording and composition. This is to simplify making a profit for the work. In addition, the project will help young musicians who are still not oriented in the industry.

Hip recognized that the project can be implemented without the use of the technology of the blockchain, but she believes that this is the future. She wants her application and all the musicians were moving into the future with the help of modern trends and technological solutions.

The singer thought about his project for three years. She didn’t want to do anything but music. Hip ready to run the application on their own in September. After that, she will give a tour and spend 40 shows around the world to draw attention to the Mycelia.

How to sell music for Ethereum

Your project Mod Hip funding on their own. As mentioned earlier, the “Harry Potter” gave her the opportunity not to think about money for a new gig or a new album. In addition, in 2015, the Hip started to sell his song in the Ethereum network. Listeners pay 1 ETH for the song, and then one coin was worth a dollar. When the cost of airtime has risen to 1200 dollars, as the singer well improved.